Research Findings

Research Findings (2021)
Histone H3 lysine 4 trimethylation-regulated GRF11 expression is essential for the iron deficiency response in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Research Findings (2019)
Arabidopsis IRON DEFICIENCY TOLERANT1 for iron biofortification and heavy metal phytoremediation.
Research Findings (2015)
Glutathione plays an essential role in nitric oxide-mediated iron deficiency signaling and iron deficiency tolerance in Arabidopsis.
Research Findings (2014)
Root-secreted nicotianamine from Arabidopsis halleri facilitates zinc hypertolerance by regulating zinc bioavailability
Research Findings (2013)
Degradation of the Fe uptake transporter IRT1
Research Findings (2013)
Fe nutrient and circadian period length
Research Findings (2012)
Biological function of copper chaperones: copper homeostasis and biomass
Research Findings (2012)
A sensitive LC-ESI-TOF-MS method for the detection of phytosiderophores and their iron complexes in roots
Research Findings (2011)
Fe homeostasis based Zn tolerance in the Zn/Cd hyperaccumulator A. halleri
Research Findings (2011)
SUMOylation is involved in the Cu tolerance and distribution in plants
Research Findings (2011)
Glutathione plays a role in the cross-homeostasis between Fe and Zn
Research Findings (2009)
IRT3 is a Zn-regulated plasma membrane Zn and Fe transporter
Research Findings (2009)
Model Evaluation of the Phytoextraction Potential of Heavy Metal Hyperaccumulators and Non-hyperaccumulators
Research Findings (2006)
A design of metal binding peptides: Proteomic survey of copper-binding domains in Arabidopsis roots