Published Papers (2018)
Dynamics of the Methylome and Transcriptome during the Regeneration of Rice
Epigenomes 2(3):
Published Papers (2016)
Lack of Genotype and Phenotype Correlation in a Rice T-DNA Tagged Line Is Likely Caused by Introgression in the Seed Source
Plos One
Published Papers (2016)
Somaclonal variation does not preclude the use of rice transformants for genetic screening
Plant Journal
Published Papers (2014)
A Positive Feedback Loop between HEAT SHOCK PROTEIN101 and HEAT STRESS-ASSOCIATED 32-KD PROTEIN Modulates Long-Term Acquired Thermotolerance Illustrating Diverse Heat Stress Responses in Rice Varieties1 W OPEN
Plant Physiology
Published Papers (2013)
A simple plant gene delivery system using mesoporous silica nanoparticles as carriers
Journal of Materials Chemistry
Published Papers (2008)
Vectors for multi-color bimolecular fluorescence complementation to investigate protein-protein interactions in living plant cells
Plant Methods
Published Papers (2002)
Two genes encoding GmPM1, a soybean seed maturation protein
Journal of Genetics and Molecular Biology
Published Papers (2002)
Subcellular localization of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid oxidase in apple fruit
Plant & Cell Physiology
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