Published Papers (2024-02)
Modeling alternative translation initiation sites in plants reveals evolutionarily conserved cis-regulatory codes in eukaryotes
Genome Research
Published Papers (2024-02)
Frontiers in Plant RNA Research in ICAR2023: from Lab to Innovative Agriculture
Plant Molecular Biology
Job Opening 2023-10-18
Bioinformatician @ Liu Lab in IPMB, AS
Published Papers (2023-10)
Translation initiation at AUG and non-AUG triplets in plants
Honors and Awards to ABRC Scientists (202208)
Research Findings (2022)
Unlock the secret of plant viral genome: new starts for protein synthesis
News 2022-08-18
ABRC Assistant Research Fellow Dr. Ming-Jung Liu awarded the 2022 Ta-You Wu Memorial Award

Published Papers (2018)
Regulatory Divergence in Wound-Responsive Gene Expression between Domesticated and Wild Tomato
Plant Cell
Published Papers (2018)
TOR and RPS6 transmit light signals to enhance protein translation in deetiolating Arabidopsis seedlings
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA
Published Papers (2016)
A G-Box-Like Motif Is Necessary for Transcriptional Regulation by Circadian Pseudo-Response Regulators in Arabidopsis
Plant physiology
Published Papers (2015)
Determinants of nucleosome positioning and their influence on plant gene expression
Genome Research
Published Papers (2022)
Translation initiation landscape profiling reveals hidden open reading frames required for the pathogenesis of tomato yellow leaf curl Thailand virus
Plant Cell
Honors and Awards to ABRC Scientists (2022)
EMBO Global Investigator
Honors and Awards to ABRC Scientists (2021)
Honors and Awards to ABRC Scientists (2021)
Honors and Awards to ABRC Scientists (2020)
News 2021-12-16
Dr. Ming-Jung Liu of the Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center Selected as EMBO Global Investigator

News 2021-11-10
Congratulations to Dr. Ming-Jung Liu on winning the 2021 Shang-Fa Yang Young Scientist Award!

Published Papers (2021)
Evolutionarily conserved hierarchical gene regulatory networks for plant salt stress response
Nature Plants
Published Papers (2020)
A HemK class glutamine-methyltransferase is involved in the termination of translation and essential for iron homeostasis in Arabidopsis
New Phytologist
Published Papers (2020)
Prevalence of alternative AUG and non-AUG translation initiators and their regulatory effects across plants
Genome Research
Research Findings (2020)
Lost in translation of genetic information? Back to the beginning to pinpoint translation initiators