Published Papers (2021-12-17)
Current Advancements of Plant-Derived Agents for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Therapy through Deregulating Cancer Cell Functions and Reprogramming Tumor Microenvironment
Published Papers (2021-04-20)
Nutrient supplements from selected botanicals mediated immune modulation of the tumor microenvironment and antitumor mechanism
Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy
Published Papers (2013)
Specific Dioscorea Phytoextracts Enhance Potency of TCL-Loaded DC-Based Cancer Vaccines
Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Published Papers (2012)
Shikonin induces immunogenic cell death in tumor cells and enhances dendritic cell-based cancer vaccine
Cancer Immunology Immunotherapy
Published Papers (2012)
Shikonin enhances efficacy of a gene-based cancer vaccine via induction of RANTES
Journal of Biomedical Science
Published Papers (2012)
Natural cures for type 1 diabetes: a review of phytochemicals, biological actions, and clinical potential
Curr Med Chem
Published Papers (2011)
Specific microtubule-depolymerizing agents augment efficacy of dendritic cell-based cancer vaccines
Journal of Biomedical Science
Published Papers (2009)
Transgenic expression of human gp100 and RANTES at specific time points for suppression of melanoma
Gene Therapy
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