Bioinformatician @ Liu Lab in IPMB, AS

Overview: The bioinformatician position in the laboratory of Dr. Ming-Jung Liu at the Academia Sinica Biotechnology Center in Southern Taiwan (AS-BCST) is fully funded. It will focus on the data-driven discovery of how plants respond to unfavorable environments at a systemic level. The research will build upon recent publications by Li and Liu 2020 (PMID: 32973042) and Wu et al. in 2022 and 2023 (PMID: 34045707; doi: and will utilize machine learning and predictive modeling approaches to identify features that are predictable and have functional importance in the heat stress (HS) response across multiple plant species. This project is a collaboration with Dr. Ting-Ying Wu at the Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology at Academia Sinica (IPMB, AS).

Responsibilities: The bioinformatician is responsible for communicating our work at conferences and meetings, as well as collaborating with students/members in the lab.

Qualifications: The ideal candidate will possess both wet (10%) and dry (90%) bench skills, along with strong oral communication abilities. This role will involve a combination of experimental and computational work, including the generation and analysis of sequencing and image datasets. Experience in bioinformatics and proficiency in programming languages such as R and Python are essential. While experience in wet lab bench skills is desirable, it is not mandatory. Candidates should hold a PhD, a master's or a bachelor’s degree in computational biology, data science or statistics.

About: The Wu Lab is a part of the IPMB, which comprises nearly 300 researchers and staff members from Taiwan and over 15 other countries. It is located on the main campus of AS in Taipei, Taiwan. The Liu Lab is a part of the AS-BCST and is located on the southern campus of AS in Tainan, Taiwan. Dr. Liu is EMBO Global Investigator, providing the benefit to attend EMBO training workshop/seminars. AS provides state-of-the-art core facilities, including those for cell biology, microscopy, high-performance computing/phenotyping, and OMICs, which support our pursuit of cutting-edge research. Our primary goal is to cultivate a highly interdisciplinary and collaborative atmosphere among lab members. For more information, please visit the Wu Lab and Liu website.

Applicants should submit the following materials of curriculum vitae; a summary of research accomplishments; specific and focused description of future research plans to with a title of “MJL lab_bioinformatician_application”.


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