dsRNA-protein nanoparticles for effective long-distance transport, delivery, and gene silencing in plants

Long-distance transport of exogenous biologically active RNA molecules in higher plants has not been reported. Here, we report that cationized bovine serum albumin (cBSA) avidly binds double-stranded beta-glucuronidase RNA (dsGUS RNA) to form nucleic acid-protein nanocomplexes. Using tobacco and poplar plants, we have shown effective uptake and long-distance transport of cBSA/dsGUS RNA nanocomplexes from basal ends of leaf petioles to leaf blades as well as from basal ends of shoots to their apexes and apical leaves. We have further demonstrated that the cBSA/dsGUS RNA nanocomplexes are highly effective in silencing both conditionally inducible DR5-GUS gene and constitutively active 35S-GUS gene in leaf, shoot and shoot meristem tissues. This cBSA/dsRNA delivery technology may provide a convenient, fast, and inexpensive tool for characterizing gene functions in plants, and potentially for in planta gene-editing.

講者: Dr. Yi Li (Professor, Department of Plant Science, University of Connecticut, USA)

主持人: Dr. Choun-Sea Lin

時間:2023/11/24 11:00 AM