The mission of ABRC includes the education and training of the next generation agricultural scientists to promote international science and education goals. To keep up with the pace of today's fast evolving scientific and technological world, Academia Sinica established several Ph.D. programs to attract highly qualified young researchers both from home and abroad in order to boost the development of several frontier areas that are crucial to the future in science and technology development. ABRC emphasizes the need for building an innovative graduate school program that, at the outset, addresses the necessary measures to accomplish complementation or harmony between agricultural biotechnology and bio-diversity/environmental protection. Therefore, these programs have been set up to build a research and teaching environment that can inspire young graduate students to engage themselves in innovative and inter-disciplinary studies in agricultural biotechnology. These programs offer various areas of the life sciences (i.e. research on the sub-tropical crop or flower plant systems, major infectious diseases of pig or chicken farms, and the medicinal plant systems) and also provide opportunities to graduates to broaden their scientific skills and participation in a variety of plant science research. We are committed to inspiring the next generation of plant and animal scientists and biologists through our education programs. Such programs will encourage students to develop strong ability for reasoning, logical thinking and practical skills in strategic research of biotechnology. Also it will provide networking opportunities and information systems to satisfy the communication and technological needs of the agricultural and business sectors of the biotechnology industry in Taiwan and worldwide.

ABRC is partnering the following Ph.D. programs with the Institutes of several universities: