Mission and Direction

The Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center (ABRC) of Academia Sinica, Taiwan pursues mission-oriented basic research in agricultural biotechnology and fosters the development of the BioAgricultural industry in Taiwan. The ABRC was established to allow a multidisciplinary approach to our research programs, bringing constant innovation to bear on the development of a biotechnology industry that builds on those features unique to Taiwan and can compete with the best of the world. We are continuing to recruit principal investigators and research specialists to consolidate our four research themes of Integrative Plant Stress Biology, Herbal Medicine Research, Molecular Vaccine Technology and Enzyme Biotechnology. Establishment of these thematic programs is to strengthen the organization and function of the ABRC and allow large-scale projects in collaboration with various Institutes and Research Centers of the Academy. ABRC maintains several state-of-the-art and shared-use core facilities, including next generation sequencing, metabolomics, proteomics, microarray, plant technology, laboratory animal, and confocal microscopy core facilities. With efficient utilization of the core facilities and other platforms such as cell/tissue culture and transformation or transgenic technology for both plants and animals, we are actively engaged in innovative research in agricultural biotechnologies and food security related to sustainable agriculture. We generate useful and platform-based patents, innovative products, and publish high-impact scientific or technical papers to address important agricultural problems. ABRC emphasizes crosstalk and collaboration in research at both national and international levels, and provides networking opportunities and information systems to serve the technological needs of the biotechnology industry in Taiwan.