A design of metal binding peptides: Proteomic survey of copper-binding domains in Arabidopsis roots

The root of plants is the frontier in metal ion uptake and therefore plays a crucial role in metal homeostasis. In this study, we conducted the first unbiased screening for copper-binding proteins in Arabidopsis roots. We examined the individual metalloproteomes of Cu and Zn in Arabidopsis roots on IMAC combined with MS. Of multiple Cu-IMAC-binding proteins in Arabidopsis roots visualized on 2-DE, 38 protein spots were identified by MS and further used in statistical analyses to reveal putative copper-binding motifs. These motifs will be referenced for enzyme modification and design of a novel gene-encoded peptide with specificity to heavy metal ions for phytoremediation in the future. Kung, C.-C., Huang, W.-N., Huang, Y.-C. and Yeh, K.-C. * (2006). Proteomic survey of copper-binding proteins in Arabidopsis roots by immobilized metal affinity chromatography and mass spectrometry. Proteomics, 6, pp.2746-2758 (Cover Illustration).