Non-specific phospholipases C2 and 6 redundantly function in pollen tube growth via triacylglycerol production in Arabidopsis.

Triacylglycerols have long been known as the major energy dense storage compound in seeds considered to be essential for biofuel production. However, recently, their roles have extended much further playing essential roles in plant development. The present study, by Dr. Nakamura's group has been an attempt towards that end where they identified a unique role played by TAG in pollen tube development in plants. Further, they also deciphered the metabolic pathway playing a role in TAG biosynthesis in the pollen tube whereby the non-specific phospholipases C2 and 6 utilizes membrane lipids to provide DAG as a substrate for TAG biosynthesis. This work therefore also sheds light on this interesting class of enzymes originally identified as a bacterial toxin but having evolved with unique developmental functions in plants.