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  • Core Courses:
  • Students taking the Agricultural Sciences course of study are required to take two of the four core courses below:

    (1) Molecular and Cellular Approaches for Biotechnology
    (2) Advanced Plant Biology
    (3) Advanced Animal Biology
    (4) Agricultural Microbiology

    These courses have been designed to cover the basic principles of biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology and also cell biology, application of transgenic technology in modern biotechnology as well as providing broad experience in the agricultural sciences.

  • Seminars and Symposia: four credits of seminar (one credit per semester) have to be taken during the first two years of the Ph.D. program.
  • Laboratory Rotations: Students are required to participate in at least two laboratory rotations either at Academia Sinica or at NCHU, within the MBAS program during the first year.
  • Elective Courses: 
    • Plant Genetics and Genomics
    • Emerging Vaccine Technologies
    • Principles and Methods in Plant Biology Research
    • Advanced Plant Biology II
    • Phytochemistry and Herbal Medicine
    • Application of Protein Engineering and Evolution to Bio-industry
    • Special Topics in Biological Sciences and Biotechnology I, II, III, IV (short course)
    • Seminars in Biological Sciences
    • Elective courses offered by other programs that are part of TIGP (with a maximum 6 credits) or selected courses offered at National Chung Hsing University.
    • Note: All courses are conducted in English

  • Chinese Language:  In order to help in everyday communication with the local people, international students are required to take a one year course in Mandarin Chinese
  • Degree Requirements

    • Course work:  Students are required to complete the core courses during the first two years of study. Total credits to be taken to complete the MBAS Ph.D. program are as follows:
    • Courses

      18 credits

      6 core courses +12 elective courses
      *A maximum 6 credits from courses from other TIGP programs will be granted for graduation.

      Thesis preparation

      12 credits



      4 credits



      2 credits



      36 credits

      Students enrolled as Master in the first year are required to take a total of 48 credits for graduation.

    • Qualifying Exam for Ph.D. Candidacy:Students have to take the first qualifying exam before the end of the fourth semester (the end of the second academic year), and have to pass the qualifying examination before the end of the fifth semester. An original research proposition for thesis or non-thesis-related research and an oral defense of the written proposal are required. The proposal should include a clear outline of goals and specific aims of the proposed research, and should provide a description of the issues to be resolved within the broad scientific context of the field. One make-up examination is permitted if the student fails the first examination.

    • Thesis Progress Report (Optional): Research advisors to supervise students' doctoral thesis research are selected before the end of the second year. After the requirements of the qualifying exam have been satisfied, a thesis advisory committee which convenes annually may be constituted by the research advisor to guide the student with his/her doctoral research.
    • Publication requirement: Each student also needs to fulfill one of the three following requirements for papers which are produced based on their graduate training/research work in this program:

      (choose one)

      Impact Factor


      Numbers of paper

      1st Author SCI Paper





      1st Author SCI Paper



      Top 20%


      1st Author SCI Paper



      1 top 40% paper + 1 completed manuscript submission


    • Thesis Preparation and Defense: Upon completion of thesis research, the student must fulfill the minimum requirements of article publication(s) and also obtain the thesis advisor's consent to apply for oral thesis defense. The student must deliver a Ph.D. thesis open seminar within a month after passing the oral defense.