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Published Papers (2015)

Chang, J.-J., Thia, C.; Lin, H.-Y. Liu, H.-L.; Ho, F.-J.; Wu, J.-T. Shih, M.-C., Li, W.-H. and Huang, C.-C. (2015) Integrating an algal β-carotene hydroxylase gene into a designed carotenoid-biosynthesis pathway increases carotenoid production in yeast. Bioresource Technol, 184: 2-8.

Lin CS*, Hsu CT, Liao C, Chang WJ, Chou ML, Huang YT, Chen JJ, Ko SS, Chan MT, Shih MC (2015) Transcriptome-wide analysis of the MADS-box gene family in the orchid Erycina pusilla. PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGY JOURNAL, doi: 10.1111/pbi.12383.

Lin CS, Chen JJ, Huang YT, Chan MT, Daniell H, Chang WJ, Hsu CT, Liao DC, Wu FH, Lin SY, Liao CF, Deyholos MK, Wong GK, Albert VA, Chou ML, Chen CY, Shih MC (2015) The location and translocation of ndh genes of chloroplast origin in the Orchidaceae family. Scientific Reports, 5: 9040.

Wen-Chi Wei*, Chih-Pin Liu?, Wen-Chin Yang*, Lie-Fen Shyur*,Jyh-Horng Sheu?, Swey-Shen Chen§ and Ning-Sun Yang*. (2015) Mammalian target of rapamycin complex 2 (mTORC2) regulates LPS-induced expression of IL-12 and IL-23 in human dendritic cells. JOURNAL OF LEUKOCYTE BIOLOGY, 97(6): 1071-1080.

Lin TJ, Liang WM, Hsiao PW3 M S P, Wei WC, Lin HT, Yin SY, Yang NS. (2015) Rapamycin Promotes Mouse 4T1 Tumor Metastasis that Can Be Reversed by a Dendritic Cell-Based Vaccine. PLoS One, 10(10): e0138335.

Chang WT, Lai TH, Chyan YJ, Yin SY, Chen YH, Wei WC, Yang NS., Mar. (2015) Specific Medicinal Plant Polysaccharides Effectively Enhance the Potency of a DC-Based Vaccine against Mouse Mammary Tumor Metastasi. PLoS One, 10(3): e0122374.

Wang ST, Huang SW, Kao JK, Liang SM, Chen YJ, Chen YY, Wu CY, Shieh JJ. (2015) Imiquimod-induced AMPK activation causes translation attenuation and apoptosis but not autophagy. Journal of Dermatological Science, 78(2): 108-116.

Ho MY, Liang CM, Liang SM. (2015) MIG-7 and phosphorylated prohibitin coordinately regulate lung cancer invasion/metastasis. Oncotarget, 6: 381-393.

Chen, TA., Liao, CC., Cheng, YC., Chen, YP., Hsu, YF., Liang CM., Laing, SM. (2015) Stimulation of Proliferation and Migration of Mouse Macrophages by Type B CpG-ODNs Is F-Spondin and IL-1Ra Dependent. PLoS One, 10(6): e0128926.

Shiau, J.-Y., Yin, S.-Y., Chang, S.-L., Hsu, Y.-J., Chen, K.-W., Kuo, T.-F., Feng, C.-S., Yang, N.-S., Shyur, L.-F.*, Yang, W.-C.*, and Wen, T.-N.* (2015) Mechanistic study of the phytocompound, 2-beta-D-glucopyranosyloxy-1-hydroxytrideca-5,7,9,11-tetrayne in human T-Cell acute lymphocytic leukemia cells by using combined differential proteomics and bioinformatics approaches. eCAM, Volume 2015, Article ID 475610: 10.

Deng, Y.-T., Lin-Shiau, S.-Y. Shyur, L.-F., and Lin, J.-K.* (2015) Pu-erh tea polysaccharides decrease blood sugar by inhibition alpha-glucosidase activities in vitro and in mice. Food & Function, 6(5): 1539-1546.

Apaya, M. K., Lin, C.-Y., Chiou, C.-Y., Yang, C.-C., Ting, C.-Y., and Shyur, L.-F.* (2015) Simvastatin and a plant galactolipid protect animals from septic shock by regulating oxylipin mediator dynamics through the MAPK-cPLA2 signaling pathway. Molecular Medicine, .

Liu, W.-C., Maestre-Reyna, M., Jeng, W.-Y., Lee, C.-C., Hsu, C.-A., Wen, T.-N., Wang, A. H.-J.*, and Shyur, L.-F.* (2015) Structural and functional roles of glycosylation in fungal laccase from Lentinus sp . PLoS One, 10(4): UNSP e0120601.

Cheng, Y.-B., Lo, I-W., Shyur, L.-F., Yang, C.-C., Hsu, Y.-Mi., Su, J.-H., Lu, M.-C., Chiou, S.-F., Lan, C.-C., Wu, Y.-C., Chang, F.-R. (2015) New alkaloids from Formosan zoanthid Zoanthus kuroshio. Tetrahedron, 71: 8601-8606.

Li, C.-W., Liao, C.-H., Huang, X., and Chan, M.-T.* (2015) Orchid (Oncidium and Phalaenopsis) . editor(s): Wang, K, Agrobacterium Protocols: Volume 2, Methods in Molecular Biology, vol. 1224, 331-346.

Qu G, Kruszka K, Plewka P, Yang SY, Chiou TJ , Jarmolowski A, Szweykowska-Kulinska Z, Echeverria M, Karlowski WM. (2015) Promoter-based identification of novel non-coding RNAs reveals the presence of dicistronic snoRNA-miRNA genes in Arabidopsis thaliana. BMC genomics, 16(1): 1009.

Elena B. Fontenot, Sandra Feuer Ditusa, Naohiro Kato, Danielle M. Olivier, Renee Dale, Wei-Yi Lin, Tzyy-Jen Chiou, Megan A. Macnaughtan, Aaron P. Smith* (2015) Increased phosphate transport of Arabidopsis thaliana Pht1;1 by site-directed mutagenesis of tyrosine 312 may be attributed to the disruption of homomeric interactions. PLANT CELL AND ENVIRONMENT, 38(10): 2012-2022.

Yang, W.C., Chang, C.L.T., Li, C.R., Nammi, S. And Cho, W.C.S. (2015) Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Diabetes 2015. EVIDENCE-BASED COMPLEMENTARY AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE, 685248.

Shiau, J.Y., Yin, S. Y., Chang, S. L., Hsu, Y. J., Chen, K. W., Kuo, T. F., Feng, C. S., Yang, N. S., Shyur, L. F. *, Yang, W. C.*, Wen, T. N.* (2015) Mechanistic study of the phytocompound, 2-. EVIDENCE-BASED COMPLEMENTARY AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE, 475610.

Chien, S.C., Wu, Y.C., Chen, Z.W., Yang, W.C.* (2015) Naturally Occurring Anthraquinones: Chemistry and Therapeutic Potential in Autoimmune Diabetes. EVIDENCE-BASED COMPLEMENTARY AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE, 357357.

Chang, C.L.T., , Chung, C.Y., Kuo, C.H., Kuo, T.F., Kuo, Yang, C.W.* and W.C. Yang, W. C.* (2015) Beneficial effect of Bidens pilosa on body weight gain, food conversion ratio, gut bacteria and coccidiosis in chickens. PLoS One, .

Yang WC, Tien YJ, Chung CY, Chen YC, Chiou WH, Hsu SY, Liu HY, Liang CL, Chang CL. (2015) Effect of Bidens pilosa on infection and drug resistance of Eimeria in chickens. Research in veterinary science, 98: 74-81.

V. Shanmugam, Y.-W. Wang, M. Tsednee, K. Karunakaran and K.-C. Yeh* (2015) Glutathione plays an essential role in nitric oxide-mediated iron deficiency signaling and iron deficiency tolerance in Arabidopsis . The Plant Journal, 84(3): 464-477.

Li TW, Cheng SF, Tseng YT, Yang YC, Liu WC, Wang SC, Chou MJ, Lin YJ, Wang Y, Hsiao PW, Wu SC, Chang DK* (2015) Development of single-chain variable fragments (scFv) against influenza virus targeting hemagglutinin subunit 2 (HA2). Archives of Virology, Epub ahead of print, .

Tsai YT, Chuang MJ, Tang SH, Wu ST, Chen YC, Sun GH, Hsiao PW, Huang SM, Lee HJ, Yu CP, Ho JY, Lin HK, Chen MR, Lin CC, Chang SY, Lin VC, Yu DS, Cha TL*. (2015) Novel Cancer Therapeutics with Allosteric modulation of the mitochondrial c-Raf-DAPK complex by Raf inhibitor combination therapy . Cancer Research, 75(17): 3568-3582.

Ko CJ, Huang CC, Lin HY, Juan CP, Lan SW, Shyu HY, Wu SR, Hsiao PW, Huang HP, Shun CT, Lee MS*. (2015) Androgen-Induced TMPRSS2 Activates Matriptase and Promotes Extracellular Matrix Degradation, Prostate Cancer Cell Invasion, Tumor Growth, and Metastasis. Cancer Research, 75(14): 2949-2960.

Fu CW, Hsieh YJ, Chang TT, Chen CL, Yang CY, Liao A, Hsiao PW, Li WS*. (2015) Anticancer efficacy of unique pyridine-based tetraindoles. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY, 104: 165-176.

Lin TJ, Lin HT, Chang WT, Mitapalli S P, Hsiao PW, Yin SY, Yang NS*. (2015) Shikonin-enhanced cell immunogenicity of tumor vaccine is mediated by the differential effects of DAMP components. Molecular Cancer, 14: 174.

Tsai CH, Tzeng SF, Hsieh SC, Lin CY, Tsai CJ, Yang YC, Hsiao JH, Tsai MH, Lee MT, and Hsiao PW* (2015) Development of a standardized and effect-optimized herbal extract of Wedelia chinensis for prostate cancer. PHYTOMEDICINE, 22(3): 406-414.

Wu CY, Lin YW, Kuo CH, Liu WH, Tai HF, Pan CH, Chen YT, Hsiao PW, Chan CH, Chang CC, Liu CC, Chow YH, Chen JR*. (2015) Inactivated enterovirus 71 vaccine produced by 200-l scale serum-free microcarrier bioreactor system provides cross-protective efficacy in human SCARB2 transgenic mouse. PLoS One, 10(8): e0136420.

Lynn KS1, Cheng ML, Chen YR, Hsu C, Chen A, Lih TM, Chang HY, Huang CJ, Shiao MS, Pan WH, Sung TY, Hsu WL. (2015) Metabolite identification for mass spectrometry-based metabolomics using multiple types of correlated ion information. ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, 87: 2143.

C. H. Chen, T. H. Hu, T. C. Huang, Y. L. Chen, Y. R. Chen, C. C. Cheng, and C. T. Chen (2015) Delineation of G-Quadruplex Alkylation Sites Mediated by 3,6-Bis(1-methyl-4-vinylpyridinium iodide)carbazole-Aniline Mustard Conjugates. Chemistry A European Journal, 21(48): 17379-17390.

Kuo YC, Shen YR, Chen HI, Lin YH, Wang YY, Chen YR, Wang CY, Kuo PL (2015) SEPT12 orchestrates the formation of mammalian sperm annulus by organizing core octameric complexes with other SEPT proteins. JOURNAL OF CELL SCIENCE, 128: 923-934.

Chien PS, Nam HG, Chen YR. (2015) A salt-regulated peptide derived from the CAP superfamily protein negatively regulates salt-stress tolerance in Arabidopsis. JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY, 66(17): 5301-5313.

P. C. Lin, W. C. Hu, S. C. Lee, Y. L. Chen, C. Y. Lee, Y. R. Chen, L. Y. Liu and S. S. Lin (2015) Application of a reconstructed omics approach to identify host proteins that interact with Odontoglossum ringspot virus capsid protein. MOLECULAR PLANT-MICROBE INTERACTIONS, 28(6): 711-726.

Catinot J, Huang JB, Huang PY, Tseng MY, Chen YL, Gu SY, Lo WS, Wang LC, Chen YR, Zimmerli L (2015) ETHYLENE RESPONSE FACTOR 96 positively regulates Arabidopsis resistance to necrotrophic pathogens by direct binding to GCC elements of jasmonate - and ethylene-responsive defence genes. Plant, cell & environment, 38(12): 2721-34.

H. J. Chen, Y. C. Shen, Y. J Shiao, K. T. Liou, P. H. Hsieh, C. Y. Lee, Y. R. Chen* and Y. L. Lin (2015) Multiplex Brain Proteomic Analysis Revealed the Difference in Molecular Therapeutic Effects of Tissue plasminogen activator and Buyang Huanwu Decoction on Cerebral Ischemic Stroke Mice. PLoS One, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0140823.

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Chang CM, Chern J, Chen MY, Huang KF, Chen CH, Yang YL, Wu SH (2015) Avenaciolides: potential MurA-targeted inhibitors against peptidoglycan biosynthesis in methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Journal of the American Chemical Society, 137(1): 267-275.

Liaw CC, Yang YL, Lin CK, Lee JC, Liao WY, Shen CN, Sheu JH, Wu SH (2015) New Meroterpenoids from Aspergillus terreus with Inhibition of Cyclooxygenase-2 Expression. Organic letters, 17(10): 2330-2333.

Shih CJ, Chen SC, Weng CY, Lai MC, Yang YL (2015) Rapid identification of haloarchaea and methanoarchaea using the matrix assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry. Scientific Reports, 5: 16326.

Liaw CC, Chen PC, Shih CJ, Tseng SP, Lai YM, Hsu CH, Dorrestein PC, Yang YL (2015) Vitroprocines, new antibiotics against Acinetobacter baumannii, discovered from marine Vibrio sp QWI-06 using mass-spectrometry-based metabolomics approach. Scientific Reports, 5: 12856.

Chen-Kuen Wang, Yi-Chin Chin, Chih-Yu Lin, Po-Yen Chen, Kin-Ying To* (2015) Transforming the snapdragon aurone biosynthetic genes into petunia alters coloration patterns in transgenic flowers. Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology, 6: 702-722.

Tracey A Ruhlman, Wan-Jung Chang, Jeremy JW Chen, Yao-Ting Huang, Ming-Tsair Chan, Jin Zhang, De-Chih Liao, John C Blazier, Xiaohua Jin, Ming-Che Shih, Robert K Jansen and Choun-Sea Lin* (2015) NDH expression marks major transitions in plant evolution and reveals coordinate intracellular gene loss. BMC PLANT BIOLOGY, 15: 100.

Hsuan-Yu Yeh . Choun-Sea Lin . Song-Bin Chang (2015) Cytogenetic and cytometric analyses in artificial intercytotypic hybrids of the emergent orchid model species Erycina pusilla. EUPHYTICA, .

Yi-Lin Hsieh & Ching-Fang Lu & Bing-Yu Chiang & Shu-Chien Liao &Rita P.-Y. Chen & Choun-Sea Lin & Ai-Yu Wang & Chien-Chih Yang (2015) Molecular Characterization of Ethylene Response Sensor 1 (BoERS1) in Bambusa oldhamii . PLANT MOLECULAR BIOLOGY REPORTER, .

Lin-Chiang Sherlock Huang, Hong Chuang, Mohit Kapoor, Cheng-Ying Hsieh, Shih-Ching Chou, Hui-Hsien Lin, Yi-Wei Chen, Chia-Ching Chang, Jih-Ru Hwu,* Yu-Chuan Liang* and Ming-Hua Hsu* (2015) Development of Nordihydroguaiaretic Acid Derivatives as Potential Multidrug-Resistant Selective Agents for Cancer Treatment. ACS Advances, 5: 107833-107838 .

Zhang J, Liang YC, Lin X, Zhu X, Yan L, Li S, Yang X, Zhu G, Rogach AL, Yu PK, Shi P, Tu LC, Chang CC, Zhang X, Chen X, Zhang W, Lee CS (2015) Self-Monitoring and Self-Delivery of Photosensitizer-Doped Nanoparticles for Highly Effective Combination Cancer Therapy in Vitro and in Vivo. ACS nano, 9(10): 9741-56.

Tsurng-Juhn Huang, Hong Chuang, Yu-Chuan Liang, Hui-Hsien Lin, Jia-Cherng Horng, Yu-Cheng Kuo, Chia-Wen Chen, Fu-Yuan Tsai, Shih-Chieh Yen, Shih-Ching Chou, Ming-Hua Hsu* (2015) Design, synthesis, and bioevaluation of paeonol derivatives as potential anti-HBV agents. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY, 90(27): 428-435.

Muthamilselvan T, Lee CW, Cho YH, Wu FC, Hu CC, Liang YC, Lin NS, Hsu YH. (2015) A transgenic plant cell-suspension system for expression of epitopes on chimeric Bamboo mosaic virus particles. PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGY JOURNAL, 13: 1-9.

Published Papers

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