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Published Papers (2010)

Yin, S.-Y., Wang, W.-H., Wang, P.-H., Aravindaram, K., Hwang, P.-I., Wu, H.-M., Yang, N.-S.* (2010) Stimulatory effect of Echinacea purpurea extract on the trafficking activity of mouse dendritic cells: revealed by genomic and proteomic analyses. BMC Genomics, 11: 612.

Chiu, S.-C., Tsao, S.-W., Hwang, P.-I., Vanisree, S., Chen, Y.-A., Yang, N.-S.* (2010) Differential functional genomic effects of anti-inflammatory phytocompounds on immune signaling. BMC Genomics, 11:513.

Chen, C.-C., Wu, J.-H., Yang, N.-S., Chang, J.-Y., Kuo, C.-C., Wang, S.-Y., Kuo, Y.-H.* (2010) Cytotoxic C-35 Terpenoid Cryptotrione from the Bark of Cryptomeria japonica. Organic Letters, 12(12): 2786-2789.

Aravindaram, K., Yang, N.-S.* (2010) Anti-Inflammatory Plant Natural Products for Cancer Therapy. Planta Medica, 76(11): 1103-1117.

Su, P.-F., Li, C.-J., Hsu, C.-C., Benson, S., Wang, S.-Y., Chan, S.-I., Wu, S.-H., Huang, W.-C., Shyur, L.-F.*, Yang, N.-S.* (2010) Dioscorea phytocompounds enhance murine splenocyte proliferation ex vivo and improve regeneration of bone marrow cells in vivo. eCAM, 10:1093 .

Huang, C.-Y., Liang, C.-M., Chu, C.-L., Peng, J.-M., Liang, S.-M. (2010) In Vitro Transformed Fibrillar Fibronectin Induces Apoptosis Through Aggravated Integrin Clustering and Modulation of Signaling Pathways. Apoptosis, 15(8):915-26.

Ravindran, C., Cheng, Y.-C., Liang, S.-M.* (2010) CpG-ODNs induce up-regulated expression of chemokine CCL9 in mouse macrophages and microglia. Cellular Immunology, 260:113-118.

Kapoor, A., Hsu, W.-M., Wang, B.-J., Wu, G.-H., Lin, T.-Y., Lee, S.-J., Yen, C.-T., Liang, S.-M., Liao, Y.-F. (2010) Caveolin-1 regulates γ-secretase-mediated AβPP processing by modulating spatial distribution of γ-secretase in membrane. J Alzheimers Dis, 22(2):423-42.

Hsan, K.-M., Chen, C.-C., and Shyur, L.-F.* (2010) Current research and development of chemotherapeutic agents for melanoma. Cancers, 2: 397-419.

Lee, W.-L., Wen, T.-N., Shiau, J.-Y. and Shyur, L.-F.* (2010) Differential proteomic profiling identifies novel molecular targets of paclitaxel and phytoagent deoxyelephantopin against mammary adenocarcinoma cells. Journal of Proteome Research, 9(1): 237-253.

Huang, C.-C., Lo, C.-P., Chiu, C.-Y., and Shyur, L.-F.* (2010) Deoxyelephantopin, a novel multifunctional agent suppresses mammary tumor growth and lung metastasis and doubles survival time in mice. British Journal of Pharmacology, 159: 856-871.

Hou, C.-C., Chen, C.-H., Yang, N.-S., Lo, C.-P., Wang, S.-Y., Tien, Y.-J., Tsai, P.-W. and Shyur, L.-F.* (2010) Comparative metabolomics approach coupled with cell- and gene-based assays for species classification and anti-inflammatory bioactivity validation of Echinacea plants. J. Nutritional Biochem, 21: 1045-1059.

Chen, J.-H., Tsai, L.-C., Huang, H.-C., and Shyur, L.-F.* (2010) Structural and catalytic roles of amino acid residues located at substrate binding pocket in Fibrobacter succinogenes 1,3-1,4-beta-D-glucanase. Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics, 78: 2820-2830.

Shyur, L.-F.*, Lee, S.-H., Chang, S.-T., Lo, C.-P., Kuo, Y.-H., and Wang, S.-Y. (2010) Taiwanin A inhibits MCF-7 cancer cell activity through induction of oxidative stress, upregulation of DNA damage checkpoint kinases, and activation of p53 and FasL/Fas signaling pathways. Phytomedicine, 18, 16-24.

Shyur, L.-F.*, Huang, C.-C., Hsu, Y.-Y., Cheng, Y.-W., and Yang, S.-D. (2010) A sesquiterpenol extract potently suppresses inflammation in macrophages and mice skin and prevents chronic liver damage in mice through JNK-dependent HO-1 expression. Phytochemistry, 72: 391-399.

Chan, Y.-L., Yang, A.-.H., Chen, J.-T. C., Yeh, K.-W., Chan, M.-T.* (2010) Hoterologous expression of taro cystatin protects transgenic tomato against Meloidogyne incognita infection by means of interfering sex determination and suppressing gall formation. Plant Cell Report, 29:231-238.

Hsieh, T.-H., Li, C.-W., Su, R.-C., Sanjaya, Cheng, C.-P., Tsai, Y.-C., Chan, M.-T.*, (2010) A tomato bZIP transcription factor, SlAREB, is involved in water deficit and salt stress response. Planta, 231(6): 1459-1473.

Lin, K.-H., Lin, C.-H., Chan, M.-T., and Lo, H.-F.* (2010) Identification of flooding-response genes in eggplant roots by suppression subtractive hybridization. Plant Molecular Biology, 28: 212–221.

Chan, Y.-L., Cai, D., Chan, M.-T. and Yeh, K.-W.,* (2010) A novel chitinolytic enzyme, PjCHI-1, causes aberrant embryonic development and egg mass production of Meloidogyne incognita in transgenic tomato. Plant Pathology , 59: 922–930.

Lin, S.-I. et al. (2010) Complex Regulation of Two Target Genes Encoding SPX-MFS Proteins by Rice miR827 in Response to Phosphate Starvation. Plant and Cell Physiology , 51: 2119-2131.

Hsieh,L.-C., Lin, S.-I., Kuo, H.-F., Chiou, T.-J.* (2010) Abundance of tRNA-derived Small RNAs in Phosphate-starved Arabidopsis Roots. Plant Signaling & Behavior, 5(5): 537-539.

Kazlowska, K., Hsu, T., Hou, C.-C., Yang, W.-C.*, Tsai*, G.-J. (2010) Anti-inflammatory properties of phenolic compounds and crude extract from Phorphyra dentata. Journal of Ethnopharmacology , 128(1): 123-30.

Li, T.-H., Hou, C.-C., Chang, C.-T.-L., Yang, W.-C. (2010) Anti-hyperglycemic properties of crude extract and triterpenes from Poria cocos. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2010: 1-8.

Yin, B., M, G., Yen, C.-Y., Zhou, Z., Wang, G.-X., Divino, C.-M., Casares, S., Chen, S.-H.*, Yang, W.-C.*, and Pan, P.-Y.* (2010) Myeloid-derived suppressor cells prevent type 1 diabetes in murine models. Journal of Immunology, 185(10): 5828-5834.

Pan, J.-Z., Nakade, K., Huang, Y.-C., Zhu, Z.-W., Masuzaki, S., Hasegawa, H., Murata, T., Yoshiki, A., Yamaguch, N., Lee, C.-H., Yang, W.-C., Tsai, E.-M., Obata Y., Yokoyama, K.-K., (2010) Suppression of cell cycle progression by Jun dimerization protein 2 (JDP2) involves down-regulation of cyclin A2. Oncogene, 29(47): 6245-6256.

Young, P.-H., Hsu, Y.-J. and Yang, W.-C. (2010) Bidens pilosa and its medicinal use. Recent Progress in Medicial Plants / Drug plants II, 28: 443-459 .

Wu, C.-Y., Yeh, Y.-C., Yang, Y.-C., Chou, C, Liu, M.-T., Wu, H.-S., Chan, J.-T., and Hsiao, P.-W.* (2010) Mammalian expression of virus-like particles for advanced mimicry of authentic influenza virus. PLoS One, e9784.

Chen, H.-M., Chen, L.-T., Patel, K., Li, Y.-H., Baulcombe, C.-D. and Wu, S.-H. (2010) 22-nucleotide RNAs trigger secondary siRNA biogenesis in plants. Proc. Natl. Acad, 107: 15269-15274.

Yang, Y.-L., Yang, F.-L., Huang, Z.-Y., Tsai, Y.-H., Zou, W., Wu, S.-H.* (2010) Structural variation of glycolipids from Meiothermus taiwanensis ATCC BAA-400 under different growth temperatures. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 8: 4252-4254.

Liu, W.-T., Yang, Y.-L., Xu, Y., Lamsa, A., Haste, N.-M., Yang, J.-Y., Ng, J., Gonzalez, D., Ellermeier, C.-D., Straight, P.-D., Pevzner, P.-A., Pogliano, J., Nizet, V., Pogliano, K., Dorrestein, P.-C.* (2010) Imaging mass spectrometry of intraspecies metabolic exchange revealed the cannibalistic factors of Bacillus subtilis. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 107: 16286-16290.

Su, P.-H., Li, H.-m. (2010) Stromal Hsp70 is important for protein translocation into pea and Arabidopsis chloroplasts. Plant Cell, 22: 1516-1531.

Chen, C.-Y., Hsieh, M.-H., Yang, C.-C., Lin, C.-S., Wang, A.-Y. (2010) Analysis of the cellulose synthase genes associated with primary cell wall synthesis in Bambusa oldhamii. Phytochemistry, 71(11-12): 1270-9.

Pan, I.-C., Li, C.-W., Su, R.-C., Cheng, C.-P., Lin, C.-S., Chan, M.-T. (2010) Ectopic expression of an EAR motif deletion mutant of SlERF3 enhances tolerance to salt stress and Ralstonia solanacearum in tomato. Planta, 232(5): 1075-1086 .

Wu, F.-H., Chan, M.-T., Liao, D.-C., Hsu, C.-T., Lee, Y.-W., Daniell, H., Duvall, M.-R., Lin C.-S.* (2010) Complete chloroplast genome of Oncidium Gower Ramsey and evaluation of molecular markers for identification and breeding in Oncidiinae. BMC Plant Biology, 10: 68.

Olson, B.-J., Oberholzer, M, Li Y, Zones, J.-M., Kohli, H.-S., Bisova, K., Fang, S.-C., Meisenhelder, J., Hunter, T., Umen, J.-G.* (2010) Regulation of the chlamydomonas cell cycle by a stable, chromatin-associated retinoblastoma tumor suppressor complex. Plant Cell , 22(10): 3331-47.

Lin, S.-I., Santi, C., Jobet, E., Lacut, E., Kholti, N. El, Karlowski, W.-M., Verdeil, J.-L., Breitler, J.-C., P?rin, C., Ko, S.-S., Guiderdoni, E., Chiou, T.-J., and Echeverria, M.* (2010) Complex regulation of two target genes encoding SPX-MFS proteins by rice miR827 in response to phosphate starvation. Plant Cell Physiol, 51(12): 2119–2131.

Ng, I.-S., Li, C.-W., Chan, S.-P., Chir, J.-L., Chen, P.-T., Tong, C.-G., Yu, S.-M., Ho, T.-H.-D. (2010) High-level production of a thermoacidiophilic β-glucosidase from Penicillium citrinum YS40-5 by solid state fermentation with rice bran. Bioresource Technology, 101(4): 1310-1317.

Published Papers

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