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Published Papers (2007)

Feng-Min Lin, Li-Ru Chen, En-Hau Lin, Ferng-Chun Ke, Hsin-Yi Chen, Meng-Jen Tsai, (Pei-Wen Hsiao*) (2007) Compounds from Wedelia chinensis synergistically suppress androgen activity and growth in prostate cancer cells.. CARCINOGENESIS, 28(12): 2521-2529.

Wei-Chun Tu, Sheng-Yang Wang, Shih-Chang Chien, Feng-Min Lin, Li-Ru Chen, Chih-Yang Chiu, (Pei-Wen Hsiao*) (2007) Diterpenes from Cryptomeria japonica Inhibit Androgen Receptor Transcriptional Activity in Prostate Cancer Cells. PLANTA MEDICA, 73, 1407-1409.

Chih-Chun Wen, Yueh-Hsiung Kuo, Jia-Tsrong Jan, Po-Huang Liang, Sheng-Yang Wang, Hong-Gi Liu, Ching-Kuo Lee, Shang-Tzen Chang, Chih-Jung Kuo, Shoei-Sheng Lee, Chia-Chung Hou, (Pei-Wen Hsiao), Shih-Chang Chien, Lie-Fen Shyur,* Ning-Sun Yang* (2007) Specific plant terpenoids and Ligands Possess potent antiviral activities against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus. JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY, 50, 4087-4095.

Sui-Wen Lin, Ferng-Chun Ke, (Pei-Wen Hsiao), Ping-Ping Lee, Ming-Ting Lee*, Jiuan-Jiuan Hwang* (2007) Critical involvement of ILK in TGFβ1-stimulated invasion/migration of human ovarian cancer cells is associated with urokinase plasminogen activator system. EXPERIMENTAL CELL RESEARCH, 313, 602-613.

Yun-Ju Chen, (Pei-Wen Hsiao), Ming-Ting Lee, J Ian Mason, Ferng-Chun Ke*, Jiuan-Jiuan Hwang* (2007) Interplay of PI3K and cAMP/PKA signaling, and rapamycin-hypersensitivity in TGFs1 enhancement of FSH-stimulated steroidogenesis in rat ovarian granulosa cells . JOURNAL OF ENDOCRINOLOGY, 192, 405-419.

Hu, J.M., Fu, H.C., Lin, C.H., Su, H.J., and Yeh, H.H (2007) Evidence of reassortment and concerted evolution in Banana bunchy top virus genomes. Journal of Virology, 81(4), 1746-1761.

Lu, H.C., Chen, H.H., Tsai, W.C., Chen, W.H., Su, H.J, Chang, D.C. and Yeh, H.H (2007) Strategies for functional validation of genes involved in reproductive stages of orchids. Plant Physiology, 143, 558-569.

Wang D, Sung HM, Wang TY, Huang CJ, Yang P, Chang T, Wang YC, Tseng DL, Wu JP, Lee TC, Shih MC, Li WH (2007) Expression evolution in yeast genes of single-input modules is mainly due to changes in trans-acting factors.. Genome research, 17(8), 1161-1169.

Ahn YO, Zheng M, Bevan DR, Esen A, Shiu SH, Benson J, Peng HP, Miller JT, Cheng CL, Poulton JE, Shih MC (2007) Functional genomic analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana glycoside hydrolase family 35.. Phytochemistry, 68(11), 1510-1520.

Wu, L.-W., Chiang, Y.-M., Chuang, H.-C., Lo, C.-P., Yang, K.-Y., Wang, S.-Y., and Shyur, L.-F.* (2007) A novel polyacetylene significantly inhibits angiogenesis and promotes apoptosis in human endothelial cells through activation of the CDK inhibitors and caspase-7. Planta Medica, 73, 655-661..

Hou, C.-C., Chen, Y.-P., Wu, J.-H., Huang, C.-C., Wang, S.-Y., Yang, N.-S., and Shyur, L.-F.* (2007) A galactolipid possesses novel cancer chemopreventive effects by suppressing inflammatory mediators and mouse B16 melanoma . CANCER RESEARCH, 67, 6907-6915.

Chiang, Y.-M., Cicero L.-T., Chang, S.-L., Yang, W.-C.*, and Shyur, L.-F.* (2007) Cytopiloyne, a novel polyacetylenic glucoside from Bidens pilosa, functions as a T helper cell modulator. JOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY, 110, 532-538.

Hsieh, Y.-H., Kuo, P.-M., Chien, S.-C., Shyur, L.-F., and Wang, S.-Y. (2007) Effects of Chamaecyparis formosensis Matasumura extractives on lipopolysaccharide-induced release of nitric oxide. PHYTOMEDICINE, 14, 675-680.

Chang, S.-L., Chiang, Y.-M., Chang, C.-L., Yeh, H.-H., Shyur, L.-F., Kuo, Y.-H., Wu, T.-K., and Yang, W.-C.* (2007) Flavonoids, centaurein and centaureidin, from Bidens pilosa, stimulate IFN-gamma expression. JOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY, 112, 232-236.

Wen, C.-C., Kuo, Y.-H., Jan, J.-T., Liang, P.-H., Wang, S.-Y., Liu, H.-G., Lee, C.-K., Chang, S.-T., Kuo, C.-J., Lee, S.-S., Hou, C.-C., Hsiao, P.-W., Chien, S.-C., Shyur, L.-F. and Yang, N.-S. (2007) Specific plant terpenoids and lignoids possess antiviral activities against SARS coronavirus. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 50(17), 4087-4095.

C.-C. Wen, Y.-H. Kuo, J.-T. Jan, P.-H. Liang, S.-Y. Wang, H.-G. Liu, C.-K. Lee, S.-T. Chang, C.-J. Kuo, S.-S. Lee, C.-C. Hou, P.-W. Hsiao, S.-C. Chien, L.-F.* Shyur and N.-S.* Yang (2007) Specific terpenoids and lignoids possess antiviral activities against SARS coronavirus. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 50, 4087-4095.

Chiou, T.-J.* (2007) The Role of MicroRNAs in Sensing Nutrient Stress . PLANT CELL AND ENVIRONMENT, 30(3), 323-332.

(Charng YY)*, Liu HC, Liu NY, Chi WT, Wang CN, Chang SH, and Wang TT (2007) A heat-inducible transcription factor, HsfA2, is required for extension of acquired thermotolerance in Arabidopsis. PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, 143(1), 251-262.

Chiang, Y.-M., Cicero L.-T., Chang, S.-L., Yang, W.-C.*, and Shyur, L.-F.* (2007) Cytopiloyne, a novel polyacetylenic glucoside from Bidens pilosa, functions as a T helper cell modulator. JOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY, 110, 532-538.

Chang, C.-L.-T., Chang, S.-L., Lee, Y.-M., Chiang, Y.-M., Chuang, D.-Y., Kuo, H.-K. and Yang, W.-C.* (2007) Cytopiloyne, a Polyacetylenic Glucoside, Prevents Type 1 Diabetes in Non-obese Diabetic Mice. JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY, 178, 6984-6993.

S.L. Chang, Y.M. Chiang, C.L.T. Chang, H.H. Yeh, L.F. Shyur, Y.H. Kuo, T.K. Wu, Yang, W.C.* (2007) Flavonoids, centaurein and centaureidin, from Bidens pilosa, stimulate IFN-g expression. JOURNAL OF ETHNOPHARMACOLOGY, 112:232-236.

Chang, S.-L., Yeh, H.-H., Lin, Y.-S., Chiang, Y.-M., Wu, T.-K. and Yang, W.-C. * (2007) The effect of centaurein on interferon gamma expression and Listeria infection in mice. TOXICOLOGY AND APPLIED PHARMACOLOGY, 219(1), 54-61.

許曉茹、莊大永、楊文欽、賴邦嶽 (2007) 咸豐草的功效. 科學發展, 417, 40-43.

Lin, K.-H., Lin C.-H., Chan, M.-T., and Lo, H.-F. * (2007) Cloning and expression analysis of ascorbate peroxidase gene from eggplant under flooding stress. BOTANICAL STUDIES, 48, 25-34.

Hsiao, P., Sanjaya, Su, R.-C., da Silva, J. A. T. and Chan, M.-T.* (2007) Plant native tryptophan synthase beta 1 gene act as a non-antibiotic selection marker for plant transformation. PLANTA, 225, 897-906..

da Silva, J. A. T., Giang, D.T.T. (Chan, M.-T.), Sanjaya, Norikane, Chai, M.-L., Ruiz, J.-C., Penna, S., Granstrom, T., and Tanaka, M. (2007) The influence of different carbon sources, hothetero-, photoauto-, and photomixtrophic conditions on protocorm-like body organogenesis and callus formation in thin cell layer culture of hubrid Cymbidium (Orchidaceae). ORCHID SCIENCE AND BIOTECHNOLOGY, 1, 15-23.

Yang YL, Lu CP, Chen MY, Chen KY, Wu YC, Wu SH* (2007) Cytotoxic polyketides containing tetramic acid moieties isolated from the fungus Myceliophthora Thermophila: elucidation of the relationship between cytotoxicity and stereoconfiguration.. CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL, 13(24), 6985-6991.

Yang YL, Chang SM, Wu CC, Hsieh PW, Chen SL, Chang FR, Hung WC, Issa HH, Wu YC (2007) Cytotoxic sesquiterpene lactones from Pseudoelephantopus spicatus.. Journal of natural products, 70(11), 1761-1765.

Hsieh PW, Huang ZY, Chen JH, Chang FR, Wu CC, Yang YL, Chiang MY, Yen MH, Chen SL, Yen HF, Lubken T, Hung WC, Wu YC (2007) Cytotoxic withanolides from Tubocapsicum anomalum.. Journal of natural products, 70(5), 747-753.

Ren CT, Tsai YH, Yang YL, Zou W, Wu SH (2007) Synthesis of a tetrasaccharide glycosyl glycerol. Precursor to glycolipids of Meiothermus taiwanensis ATCC BAA-400.. The Journal of organic chemistry, 72(14), 5427-5430.

Hsieh JF, Wu SH, Yang YL, Choong KF, Chen ST (2007) The screening and characterization of 6-aminopurine-based xanthine oxidase inhibitors.. Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry, 15(10), 3450-3456.

Cheng, Y.-Y., Fang, S.-A., (Lin, Y.-C.), Chung, M.-C. (2007) A repetitive sequence specific to Oryza species with BB genome and abundant in Oryza punctata. Botanical Studies, 48, 263-272.

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Chern CG, Fan MJ, Yu SM, Hour AL, Lu PC, (Lin YC), Wei FJ, Huang SC, Chen S, Lai MH, Tseng CS, Yen HM, Jwo WS, Wu CC, Yang TL, Li LS, Kuo YC, Li SM, Li CP, Wey CK, Trisiriroj A, Lee HF, Hsing YI (2007) A rice phenomics study--phenotype scoring and seed propagation of a T-DNA insertion-induced rice mutant population.. Plant molecular biology, 65(4), 427-438.

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Wen CC, Kuo YH, Jan JT, Liang PH, Wang SY, Liu HG, Lee CK, Chang ST, Kuo CJ, Lee SS, Hou CC, Hsiao PW, Chien SC, Shyur LF*, (Yang NS)* (2007) Specific plant terpenoids and lignoids possess potent antiviral activities against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus. . Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 50(17), 4087-4095.

Hou CC, Chen YP, Wu JH, Huang CC, Wang SY, (Yang NS), Shyur LF (2007) A galactolipid possesses novel cancer chemopreventive effects by suppressing inflammatory mediators and mouse B16 melanoma.. Cancer Research, 67(14), 6907-6915.

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Nagarajan G, Kuo CC, Liang CM, Chen CM, (Liang SM*) (2007) Effects of CpG-B ODN on Protein Expression Profile of Swine PBMC. VETERINARY RESEARCH, 38(6): 795-808.

Yang CD, Liao JT, Lai CY, Jong MH, Liang CM, Lin YL, Lin NS, Hsu YH, (Liang SM*) (2007) Induction of protective immunity in swine by recombinant bamboo mosaic virus expressing foot-and-mouth disease virus epitopes. BMC BIOTECHNOLOGY, 7: 62.

Kuo CC, Liang CM, Lai CY, and (Liang SM*) (2007) Involvement of heat shock protein (Hsp)90-beta but not Hsp90-alpha in antiapoptotic effect of CpG-B oligodeoxynucleotide. JOURNAL OF IMMUNOLOGY, 178, 6100-6108.

Published Papers

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